Back Nodger Self Massager


The Back Nodger self massager works by helping you to apply precise deep pressure into tense trigger-points (muscle knots) in your own shoulders, neck or back to loosen them on the go, in much the same way you’d expect from a masseur’s hand.

  • Using the Back Nodger will help loosen off the knots and strip away the discomfort in minutes

  • Instantly relieve knots and muscle tension all over your body

  • Grab a Nodger today and give those aching knots a Nodging

  • A portable version of a masseur's thumbs!

  • Anyone who's ever had those aching knots or niggles in tense shoulders, a stiff neck or suffered from a bad back, will welcome a good Nodging


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Back Nodger Introduction


Back Nodger Usage Instructions by Jonathan Lewis

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