Painmaster Micro Current Therapy Patch

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PainMaster is a revolutionary, drug-free pain relief patch that uses Micro-Current Therapy (MCT).

MCT works in concert with the natural electrical nature of the body to aid it in the creating the ideal environment for self-healing. Injured cells that are inflamed or “in pain” actually resist and block the body’s natural healing current. PainMaster delivers extremely small pulsating currents of electricity at the cellular level, which enhances circulation not only around, but more importantly, through the source of pain or injury.

PainMaster can be used to help the systems of arthritis, fibromyalgia, sciatica, lower and upper back pain, migraine headaches, runners knee, carpal tunnel syndrome, muscle spasm, tendonitis, acute pain from injury, Sports injury, bursitis, swelling and inflammation, hip pain, leg cramps and more...

PainMaster features:
  • No external power supply needed
  • Non-invasive & drug free – Zero side effects
  • No Physical Sensation – Use even whilst sleeping
  • Small & Comfortable – Use 24hrs a day & during exercise
  • “Clip-Unclip” Start/Stop – Easy application in seconds
  • Built-In Power Supply – Up to 250 hours usage
  • “Safe Keep” Pad – Self-Adhesive electrode pads can be removed and reapplied
  • PainMaster Patented, Clinically Tested & FDA Approved – Safe to use anywhere from head to toe
  • More than one PainMaster can be worn at a time
  • Internal power supply allows up to 300 continuous hours of use without side effects
  • Optimal relief usually occurs after 3-5 days continuous usage

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